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Sore Throat Treatment

Sore Throat Treatment from Experienced Practitioners in Charlotte, NC

Sore Throat Treatment Charlotte NCA sore throat is a common ailment that affects people of all ages. It is categorized as pain, scratchiness, or irritation of the throat that often leads to a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including pain that worsens when talking or swallowing, sore or swollen glands in your neck or jaw, and white patches or pus on your tonsils. The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral infection, such as a common cold or the flu. A sore throat caused by a virus will resolve on its own over time. However, there are less common causes of a sore throat that will require a more complex form of treatment.

StarMed Family & Urgent Care offers prompt and professional sore throat treatment to children and adults in Charlotte, North Carolina. If a persistent sore throat is disrupting your day, consider stopping by one of our fully equipped centers to find the relief you need. With easily accessible locations, brief wait times, and extended hours, we make it simple to receive immediate medical treatment for sore throats and other non-life-threatening health concerns.

As is the case with most conditions, the first step toward treating a sore throat is identifying its cause. There are several factors that may contribute to throat pain outside of viral infections (such as the common cold and flu), including:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Strep throat
  • Mononucleosis (mono)
  • Environmental factors, such as a dry environment
  • Measles
  • Chickenpox

Each patient’s course of treatment will depend on the cause. For example, if a bacterial infection is to blame, antibiotic medications will likely be recommended to eliminate the infection and resolve symptoms. If the patient has a viral infection, a practitioner on our team may prescribe medicine to ease any discomfort and suggest self-care measures to boost the body’s immune system.

StarMed’s experienced medical practitioners in Charlotte, NC, perform thorough head and neck examinations and onsite clinical lab testing (such as strep or flu testing) to make accurate diagnoses and create effective treatment plans. As our patient, you can be assured that you’ll receive friendly service and individualized attention from the moment you enter our doors, so you can get over your sore throat and get back to life as quickly as possible.

Drop by StarMed Family & Urgent Care in Charlotte, NC, the next time a sore throat leaves you seeking treatment. We do not require appointments and accept most major health insurance plans.