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Dr. William Conner

Dr. William Conner

Primary & Urgent Care

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Work Days

Medical Director

Dr. Will Conner’s compassion for his patients is innate. His care combined with his will to both help and heal others continues to propel him to remain a personable, attentive and devoted doctor.

As a third-generation Charlottean, Dr. Conner grew up playing football and catching fireflies on the lush lawns of Charlotte. Wrightsville Beach, NC proved his second, and perhaps favorite, playground. There he fell in love with maritime life and all its sandy and underwater treasures. No matter whether Dr. Conner was swimming at home in Charlotte or diving off the dock and into the sound at Wrightsville, his care and compassion for others frequently surfaced.

His care became visible to others when he joined the Peace Corps in 1986 after graduating from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1985.  For three years in Gabon, West Africa, Dr. Conner supervised and helped construct schools and homes in villages. For information about Dr. Conner’s Peace Corps days, click here.

In 1996, Dr. Conner graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed his residency in Asheville, North Carolina, and then spent two years in a community health clinic in eastern North Carolina treating migrant farm workers. Before returning to and settling in his hometown of Charlotte, Dr. Conner practiced medicine in Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, and other remote areas. He founded Conner Family Health Clinic in 2005.

Dr. Conner’s fluency in both French and Spanish helps him communicate more intimately and effectively with his patients. His vast medical knowledge and worldly experiences enable him to quickly assess, understand and diagnose various and rare medical issues alongside more common ones.

Affordable and compassionate care is what Dr. Conner wants all his patients to experience.

Dr. Conner has also created a caring and diversified staff. Each one is ready to meet your needs.